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Access Innovations Global develops and manufactures the purpose built Access Safety System for personnel operating motor graders in the earthmoving industry.  This is a revolutionary system that provides the ultimate in safety and maximizes operational productivity.
The folding ladder and walkway system provides safe and convenient access and personnel can perform daily tasks in the safety of the ergonomically designed access platforms. This proven system is interlocked with the park brake circuit and features continuous handrails, antislip walkways and stairs providing safe access when parked.


These patented safety access systems employ rigorously engineered folding ladder and platform systems to provide safe access up to the cab and around the cab and then fold away to provide full operational mobility and visibility.  


The system has two modes--Operating Mode and Parked Mode.

​    • Operating Mode: the platforms and stairways rise when the operator releases the park brake.  This allows for clear vision for all operations, which is normal on all standard graders. Thus the driver has full vision and additional protuberances on the machine fall within the original footprint of the assembly. 

    • Parked Mode: It is normal operating practice for the handbrake to be applied at all times when a machine is parked. When the handbrake is applied, the Access System switches to parked mode, lowering all walkways and stairs, giving operators and fitters world class ergonomic safety access for all tasks to clean windows, check oil, radio fittings and standard regular maintenance.


Dozer Side Access Systems are unit ready--from factory to customer.

Grader Access Systems advance staff safety and increase machine productivity.

Scraper Access Systems for CAT 631, 633, 637, 651, & 657.

Ensure safety in the workshop while maintaining heavy equipment with purpose-built workstations.

Stop replacing handrails just because the vibration has caused them to crack and break.




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